Either you are a beginner or just welding is your hobby. Either you are professional or you just do welding for fun. Welding machines should be chosen wisely. Welding is fun when you enjoy the company of your MIG Welder. Make to go for “the one” for you.

In every case, you need to examine the upside and the downside of the best MIG welder.


Here are provided 10 best MIG welder that is being reviewed for you to help you to make a wise decision.

1.Millermatic 252


The easy welder with various features is the combination of Millermatic 252. It is 250 amp. And it has the highest output in its class and welds metal in 22 inches to 1/2 inch thick. This welder provides you with the professional perfect joint of metals.

If we talk about the downside, there’s always a complaint regarding this welder that is, it is centred on the short ground cable, although it could be longer. Many users disliked this welder because of the ground clamp because it will only clamp to flat material and not on round ones. Also, there is no gas gauge or gas line included with this welder. The plastic parts were said to be cheap and flimsy. Reviews say that this welder is risking to breakage while used extensively. Also, the control knobs need to be made larger adjustments in wire speed. Plus, this welder does not come with a cover.

All in all, this product will work flawlessly without many efforts while setting it up for use. This welder is designed for serious welder users. It is a fairly compact unit, offering a good heavy duty cycle, grinding time can be cut to up to 80% with the great performance of the Millermatic 252. Adding on, as a bonus feature that helps to run your machine more quieter. It is an advantage if you’re working at your home as no one likes welder sound, isn’t it!! And if you want, the only fan would work which ultimately makes this welder a less energy consumption product.


2.Lincoln 256



The Lincoln 256 is made of rugged and strong metal case front finish that would help you reduce minor scratches. This 300 amp is a MIG and flux-core wire-feed machine do not care either you’re hobbyists or DIYers or serious welders, it believes in satisfying all kind of its customers. It comes with a 15ft lead and a good quality MIG gun. It is coupled with an accurate chart with spots declaring about their specifications.

Talking about the downside, this machine is limited to weld up to 3/8 inch aluminum but if you go about the 1/2 inch, it will take you to the second round. This Lincoln 256 does not provide you with flexibility in the work. Also, the spool gun requires the use of a special adapter. It usually sits on the heavy side and is uncomfortable while hoisting up and down.

This welder is a technology aiming at a better-controlled arc. This machine is quite controllable if we talk about voltage and wire speed settings. It allows you a high range of use in steel, stainless steel or aluminum welding. Lincoln is well known also to produce high-end welding helmets especially Vikings Series.

With this welding machine, the gas hose and the regulator have been included. Digital displays make life easy as you can easily read up the voltage and wire speed on the machine.


3.Miller 215_MIG Welder


This welding machine is a multi-process. It allows for MIG, flux-cored, DC TIG and DC stick. This Miller 215 is portable and lightweight. Also, this welding machine reduces energy consumption and will offer you a quieter welding experience. Doesn’t the combination of all these features in one welding machine sounds amazing!!

If we talk about the downside, the duty cycle of this product is limited. This machine allows you to weld for a limited amount of time. This is because this machine is air-cooled. It is also hard to use the TIG function at the start of the arc. TIG torch is provided short. Also, it is not for TIG welding aluminum.

Talking about the first-timers, it is really easy to use. The dial-in settings are provided to be automatic which allows being up and running in no time – you get to put down a nice bead using the auto selections! But it doesn’t restrict you in any way, it provides you with the freedom of tuning the settings manually. The multi-purpose plug for 110 or 220 volts works great as it is easy to change back and forth if needed. You can also use an 8-inch roll with this machine, and not just the 4-inch rolls.

It provides with colour LCD screen for you. This helps you to adjust settings when needed.

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4.Lincoln 210


It is a compact and lightweight and multipurpose welder. Either professional or beginner would like this portable welder. This weighs only 40 pounds. This Lincoln 210 is so portable that it suits you if you’re a contract professional.

If we talk about the downside, the power lead is only 10 ft. The user manual provided with this product seems to be lacking about providing all the content. The provided guide is hard for beginners.

The Lincoln 210 is easy to use. Say it to be for MIG, FCAW, Stick and TIG welding, this welding machine is for all. You can consider this welder as a machine that is good for beginners. It helps you to gain experience and to develop your skills. Also, it increases your confidence in using the welding machine.

This machine has a good duty cycle, with 40% at 100A and 25% at 200A. There are two fans in the back to avoid heating. You will also get a Magnum PRO 100SG Spool Gun with it. Warranty is 3 years on the machine and one year on the gun.

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5.Hobart 210 MVP


The Hobart 210 MVP is loaded with a variety of features. Each unit is designed and manufactured in the United States of America, expecting to receive an item that is all in one. This product assures you with the Hobart quality.

If we talk about the downside of the product, the description mentions “spool gun ready” but don’t get so confused to think that this comes with a spool gun but it doesn’t. The wire is stiff with not so smooth on/off button. The aluminum wire feeder has a bit of a cheap look which gains a lot of disappointing comments. Also, it weighs 87 pounds which is heavier than the others. It is a bit difficult to move without a cart. The Hobart 210MVP MIG is very handy while connecting the 115V or the 230V receptacles for your desired power input.

Undoubtedly, this welding machine won’t let you down. It gives you a satisfaction of welding smoothly with very consistent arc and great penetration. The duty cycle is rated 20% at 115V, 90 amps and 30% at 230V, 150 amps. It also comes with a regulator that is convenient with an attached hose to a gas bottle. Also if you need to weld aluminum, this machine allows using a spool gun.

This product has a 10ft work cable with a clamp as well as a sample spool of .030 flux-cored welding wire, extra .030 contact tips, and an 8-inch wire spool adapter. You will be welding in no time with these, as well as the easy set up on it.

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6.ESAB Rebel EMP 215IC_MIG Welder


The ESAB Rebel EMP 215IC is handy enough as it weighs only 40 pounds. It runs on 110v or 220v. For the small to the medium category of welding work, this product comes inclusive of a TIG torch and regulator. Also, this product is pocket-friendly than other welding models.

If we talk about the downside, this product is not designed well enough to get a spray transfer out of this machine. Although this product is much like most out of the box TIG torches, the complementary one is bulky and difficult to use. Do note too that this machine is DC only.

The display provided is well enough. You can conveniently plug in the size of the wire you want, the optimized factory settings enable you to do that. The ESAB Rebel EMP 215IC does the computing of the material to be used and its thickness as well. Also, it provides you with the facility of pre-programming which makes this welder even more attractive. Beginners would love this as it provides the benefit tutorials for you.

All in all, this product is smooth on arcs and also stable and steady. You can use it very frequently as it does take a long time to get warm. The output provided is 200-amp. This welder is multi-process as you can weld MIG, Flux-Cored, Stick or TIG – even those tricky 6010 rods! Also, for TIG welding, you can hook up the Rebel to a foot pedal (ESAB also sells it).

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7.Everlast Power 230i_MIG Welder


The Everlast Power 230i is the combination of MIG/Stick. The duty cycle of this welding machine is 50% which is impressive. This product is built for the serious fabricator who wants a simple yet compact machine, that makes you perform medium to high demand.

If we talk about the downside, this welder machine is a bit heavy. It weighs 70 pounds. Also, the stick lead provided, is thin as compared to other welder machines on the list. It may result in this product as a “not so” long-lasting product. This is more a compact machine you can make it rest on a tabletop or a welding cart. It is industry featured as it comes with a cast aluminum heavy duty 2 roll wire feeder. The Everlast Power 230i can expect up to 33 pounds commercially sized wire.

The MIG weld is all set for thick and thin sheet metal. Also, it performs a great standard mode for stick welding. It has a 6010-welding mode that is dedicated and does its work without a hitch and it works on dual voltage – the 110v or 230v. This welder machine is easier to use as it has different voltage options. The internal composition provided in this welding machine is neatly organized. It provides you with a 5-year warranty.

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8.Hobart Handler 140_MIG Welder


If you are a beginner, the Hobart Handler 140 MIG is a good choice. You can easily in plugging into any household outlet as it operates in 115 voltage. The 25-140 amps are suitable enough for use from solid mild steel or stainless, flux cored and aluminum wires. You can just relax about the quality of this welder machine, as it made in the United States of America.

Let’s talk about the downside, the Hobart Handler 140 has to be left for around 8 minutes after every 2 minutes of welding. Therefore, sometimes this welding machine may annoy you. The leads also, are shorter which limits you to make it moveable. This welder machine is designed for freshers as the MIG is ready with no additional kit required. The Hobart Handler 140 comes with flux core wire so all you need to do is a plugin and start using it. Also, if you are using gas in your welding process, all you need to do is to get is a spool of solid wire with no flux and a gas tank and now this is all set for you.

All in all this welder machine is a well-built sturdy machine with good cabling and heavy-duty 200-amp ground clamp. The wire drive motor provided is made of cast aluminum, which provides a smooth wire feeding.

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9.Lotos LTP5000D_MIG Welder


If you want to work on any metal irrespective of its metal, degree of conditions, and thickness, this Lotos LTP5000D is a good choice for the budding artists or the backyard worker. This is both MIG and plasma cutter. Also, it is portable so, you can just carry it around with you wherever your mind takes you.

Let’s talk about the downside, the Lotos LTP5000D has a short ground wire and the ground clamp is week. This also produces a wider cut. And if you looking to cut some finer lines this product isn’t really for you. Also, the hose does not seal well and you would know that the air regulator is not fit but loose. This machine can be used on dual voltages – 220V and 110V but requires an adapter for 110V usage, which should’ve been included in the package.

You can use this welder machine with a lot of elements such as stainless steel, alloy steel, mild steel, copper as well as aluminum. This makes you get attracted to it. Also, the Lotos LTP5000D welder uses non-hazardous compressed air, and the arc torch provided is to cut the rough material, painted as well as rusty surfaces as well as it is flexible enough to cut thin and thick metal. This welder machine can go through 22-gauge sheet metal easily. Also, it is even good with 120-wall Chromoly tubing. This machine cools down well.

This welder machine is provided with a variety of accessories like air regulator, hose as well as its connections. Portability doesn’t seem to be an issue as the handles are provided for easy transporting.

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10. Forney 322_MIG Welder

The Forney Manufacturing is based in Fort Collins, Colorado, was established in 1932 and launches the first arc welder open to the public in 1940. If you are someone who is quality conscious, this brand is for you. They never sacrificed on the quality in years.

If we talk about the downside, this welder machine makes you versatile as the torch, spool gun, and the foot paddle is not provided with the package and you have to arrange them separately.

Well, the Forney 322 has been labelled as a multiprocess welder as it provides you with the facility of welding, MIG, TIG. Also, this welder machine is light weighted and asks for low input of 120 volts to function. Other than this, it gives you a five-year warranty which seems to be satisfactory enough to decide in favour of this welder machine.

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MIG Welders Buyer’s Guide

You need to take a decision according to your priorities. Say if you are a professional then you can handle the tough ones even with difficult installations. But if you are a novice, make sure to make a decision for the MIG welder that can go with your suitability.

Although it is not necessarily that you are going to make a decision according to who you are. Don’t forget about the question of what is going to suit you well.

Understanding the Basics

Talking about the basics, you need to know the purpose for purchasing a MIG Welder. Make sure to set your criteria before buying it. Like there are many of the MIG Welder that is for easy to use but you have to look closely at the curves. If you are a professional this could be easy for you. Or you might be looking for a welder that has a long wire or easy installation or whatever it may be.

So make sure to go through the pros and cons and needs and wants. You should invest in something that is best for you!!

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