We are going to discuss nail art printer machines’ fashion technology.


Usually, nowadays there are so many fashion trends that are present and nail art fashion consider as a hand fashionable trend. Here some techniques are present as a 3d nail art print machines for enhancing hand beauty. As a girl, I also love nail art so I am presenting here some nail art machines which are so easy to use.

Now we are going to tell about some machines which have a great and lovely impact on nail art.



This printer is designed with 2 colors and designs in a very prompt manner. Users may vary this machine in a digital form for showing their own nail art designs to others in a USB or WI-FI transfer pattern. TOSHI NP10  is very simple to use and provides better color touchscreen 7. Usually, these printer machines are very costly and cannot afford by many people. If we talk about its physical features, it is a high weighted machine with 8kg with 2 colors white and pink. NP10 comes with a nail toolset, portable and with modern printing technology which takes 20 seconds only which makes easy and fast use.

You can purchase this machine from given link

2. 0’2 NAILS

It is designed in 1993 and considers as one of the top models of nail art in china country. Its basic feature is to promoting, using, developing computer software, hardware and other functions of the nail art design. If we consider as a professional or business use then this machine is a very good option because of its good and high branding nature.

Let’s talk about its merit the main feature of this machine is it is lightweight which makes it easy to carry everywhere we want or we can categorize new images, new designs, new colors, and many forms. The user of this machine can use it by phone or wholly managed by their own mobile phones through the can prefer as a replace or resize of their pictures if they want perfectly fit on the nail.

You can purchase this machine from given link


Now talk about any drawback of this machines that is 0’2 nails has high connectivity problems with starting of machine and also their design print not so sharp which puts a bad impact on nail art design method .



Now the third one is KUNHEWUHUA which is innovational in nature providing manicure facility with nail art which gives relax feel to the users and it is cool. This machine is also high in price but we can use it as a personal material if can afford it. This printer machine is formulated with a good feature that is it can print five nails with five numbers of designs and able to print five images of nail art which makes it timeless art at once. It has various features like it provide a number of images, designs, texts, edit or lovely images with beautiful colors through which users can select any one of their personal choices or use with Wi-Fi connections via internet connections for adding up extra images or print and also it has touchscreen nature with automatic cleaning or recognition function.

You can purchase this machine from given link

3D Nail Printers And Why It Is Becoming Popular?

Let’s talk about fashion technology, in the 21st century, the number of persons follows fashion trends. In both into their personal and professional life. Nowadays every person is busy in their life. So they applied new and various technologies for fashion in a very fast or new way. So the nail art machines considered as a nail art fashion. Through which we create a number of designs or outlay on the nail.

As we know every woman wants their good look. You can call addicted to their beauty but professionally they have a lack of time for getting good looks. So the printer machine is a very good option to use nail fashion everywhere at any time.

These time printer machine companies of nail design have a number of opportunities or trends because of its popularity. It is quite convenient as it offers you to save time or cost-effective. So instead of putting a lot of energy into making nail art by hand, you must consider nail art printer machines. It can recognize the overall outlook of your hand in a better way which you can see and feel happy.

This is the new up-gradation who loves to try different or create innovative ideas on their hand nail. So they usually, make those printer machines valuable in terms of money, usefulness, features or their importance.


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