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10 Best Bubble Tent With Reviews In 2020 | Buyer’s Guide

On my last birthday, my friends planned a surprise for me. They asked me to close my eyes and took me somewhere. As I curiously opened my eyes, it was my backyard with some transparent ball in between. It was the day when I was introduced to this thing, called a bubble tent. That starry night was really special. All four of us were laying under the stars in this bubble tent. This product made us feel safe and we enjoyed our quality time.

Bubble tents are such an amazing product developed for those who love to spend their time in nature. These are the evolution of the camping world. You can enjoy inside your bubble tent while taking a sip of your coffee and looking around the 360 degrees. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

List Of Best Bubble Tent With Reviews

Here, I’m providing you with a review of bubble tents that are worthy of your money and consideration.



The HUKOER bubble outdoor tent is designed for you to experience the unforgettable memories of your life.

If we talk about the downside, the only thing that is going to irritate you is the sound of the blower. The sound is quite loud and as you have to keep the blower connected all-time for the maintenance of the tent to be inflated this loud sound might irritate you.

But on the brighter side, this bubble tent has some fabulous characteristics. Like, it comes with a waterproof blower which leads you to the comfortability even in the rain. And the windproof feature of the HUKOER bubble tent allows you to enjoy chilly weather with no worries.

If you look at the design of this product it appears to be appealing and astonishing. And it is really easy to build by just following some easy instructions stated in the provided manual. Also, this bubble tent is an insect-proof design and encourages a healthy lifestyle in the natural habitat. This bubble net is moisture-proof which indicates that you can enjoy your time with your loved ones, comfortably.

All in all, this product provides you with comfort. Other than being loud blowers, you will not find anything that irritates you. The design is sober and fantastic and it is windproof, waterproof, and moisture-proof that ultimately makes this product, an outstanding package loaded with features and comfort.


2.Garden Igloo

Garden Igloo

The Garden Igloo bubble tents provide you with all-year-round fun. The unique shape of this product attracts the sunlight perfectly. Premium airflow is maintained even in warm, weather situations. The bubble tent provides you with even temperature distributed in all areas. Geodesic dome form is the unique feature of this product. It supports better airflow and a constant temperature.

With a diameter of 11’9 M and a height of 7’2, the igloo is also designed to withstand strong winds (up to 31 mi/h) and lying snow conditions (max. 90 lbs). When the snow on the top reaches 6” simply sweep it off with a broom.

If we talk about the downside of this product, this is made from PVC and PA6 materials, it is incredibly sturdy. But it can be torn, so you need to take care to handle it with some care.

The transparent PVC covering can handle temperatures from -4 F to + 140 F. In the winter, it is perfect for cutting the wind chill factor by 40%.

All in all, the octagon dome igloo shape makes it perfect for a greenhouse, children’s play area, outdoor hosting area, or again a romantic night under the stars. It is spacious enough to easily hold up to 8 in chairs and also it holds the temperature well.


3.Outdoor Single Tunnel

Outdoor Single Tunnel

A night under a sky full of stars, sounds amazing, isn’t it!! Whether you want to spend some family time or some romantic one, this bubble tent is a fit for all. Enjoying your time in nature is indeed a good idea. This bubble tent is a good option to spend your time with family and friends while camping, beaching, barb-queuing, and stargazing all the more fun.

The Outdoor Single Tunnel inflates with a fan that is turned on continuously to avoid deflation. This bubble tent only takes around 10 minutes to inflate. Also, this is very spacious inside of around 3M in diameter, 5M in height and the tunnel measures around 1.5M. This is undoubtedly an all-season product.

It is spacious and can entertain around 6 people comfortably sitting and socializing. A queen size mattress and a great idea to spend some romantic nights. This is a waterproof bubble tent that leads you to enjoy your rainy day under the rain without any annoyance.




The ZXMOTO accepted the challenge to make you feel comfortable. This product stands in this list with some overloaded qualities. The aim was to create a downside-free bubble shelter.

If we talk about the downside of the product, there is none, but you just have to be extra careful while handling this product. Although the quality of the cloth is outstanding also it requires some carefulness while management. Make sure to keep it away from the reach of the children and avoid it to become in contact with sharp things. Plus, the blower needs to be running, it makes a tent to not to collapse.

Talking about the ventilating system is remarkable. This bubble tent won’t let you suffocate. It has a portable blower and it only takes 10 minutes to inflate which is pretty fast. The premium quality fabric adds on this bubble tent making it more appealing.

Talking about the style of the bubble tent, this is quite decent and appeals to your eyes. It is an all-timer which means you can use it in any weather. This bubble tent is both waterproof and windproof. The tunnel, that seems to be like an igloo, adds on its beauty.

5.RJUN Bubble Tent

RJUN Bubble Tent
The RJUN bubble tent is a masterpiece. It is for family and can accommodate around 3-4 persons. This bubble tent is made with a combination of PVC and Oxford fabric. Which ultimately results in providing you with warmth and comfort. Also, it has a waterproof coefficient hence using it in rain will not cause you any trouble.
Talking about the downside, there is none but the price. The price seems to be exorbitant. Although, the quality has its class. Customers are so pleased with its effectiveness and design.
The air blower uses a voltage of 220V and it also provides you with a power converter to help you change electrical power in whatever form it is suitable for you. Adding on, the RJUN is equipped with a rod made with carbon fibre, and just like a piece of Kasego. And it has a single tunnel.

6.JYNselling Bubble Tent

JYNselling Bubble Tent
Here comes another in the list. The JYNselling bubble tent. To keep the product in perfect shape, you have to connect the blower all the time. It keeps the round bubble inflated. Also, avoid zipping the door fully, as a 20cm gap will protect it from the crack. You can remove the air pump after blowing the tunnel. So, the air column keeps the whole tent stable and will avoid the collapse when people come in and out.
This inflatable bubble is 100% waterproof and durable, with very good quality and nice design. This product has very good density,  just tie the air output port partially and DO NOT blow up too full to avoid explosion especially in summer.
This is a 2-6 person 360-degree view globe that attracts adventure lovers. Camping in the bad weather and even in emergencies, this bubble tent endures it all and keeps you safe. For cleaning, you need to use a soft towel and soap rather than a hard brush. This seems that this product is quite sensitive to sharp objects.

7.Uttiny Bubble Tent

Uttiny Bubble Tent

This bubble tent urges you to provide you with the best. It has a long list of incredible qualities. The Uttiny is known for the idea to develop a bubble hut without a downside.

Talking about the downside, it doesn’t possess any flaws. Although you have to focus on taking extra care of this product. The quality of the fabric is super exceptional is the quality of the fabric. Keep it away from the reach of your kids and try to require careful handling.

The impressive part is the ventilation mechanism of this product. Also, this provides no suffocation at all. The waterproof blower aids to inflate it without interruption. The quality fabric adds to the overall attractiveness of this bubble tent.

The design is pretty decent and appeals. It is both waterproof and windproof. The chilly weather, windy season, the rainy season you can enjoy it all.


8.Lemon Coffee

Lemon Coffee

The Lemon Coffee bubble tent will make you its fan for sure. This product is extraordinary and is worthy of investment.

The area provided is spacious and comfortable for you to live in. It is available for different sizes which makes it easy for you to decide according to your size preferences. Also, unique designs are available to make this product more attractive.

This bubble tent only needs some extra care than others. You need to find an open area to open the provided package. And then you have to be careful about the rocks or debris when you are opening this up.

This bubble tent is extremely easy to both install and remove. The provided blower inflates quickly into this bubble tent. The fabric used in this product is highly satisfactory for you. You can comfortably use this product in any weather as it is waterproof.


9.Qnlly Bubble Tent

Qnlly Bubble Tent

The Qnlly is said as it never compromises in providing the quality at its best. This bubble tent has possibly no drawbacks. Either a snowy area or a family day on the beach. This product satisfies your expectations.

All you need to take care of this product is that it never gets in contact with any sharp object. You need to set your bubble tent at a clean and wide-open space to avoid any damage to the product.

The requisite fabric is undoubtedly a long-lasting material. It is easy to set up and install and quick to inflate. It is an eyecatcher because of the unique style of its channel path and igloo shape. Qnlly is a safe product for vacations or even backyard times with kids and the family. This product will never disappoint you.


10.Joy Fay

Joy Fay- Best Bubble Tent

The pleasure of sightseeing of 360 degrees for 24 hours a day, is the experience that you would want to do that. This bubble tent gets easily inflated in minutes by a silent air blower and filtration system. Also, it keeps on the constant circulation which keeps the air clean and avoids humidity inside the tent.

Talking about the downside, this product screams fill me with little round balls and let the kids play with me. This product attracts your kids as you gift them this, you are giving them happiness. The advertisements indicate so.

If you have children aging from between 3-8, then this product is for you!! Grab this product for a kid’s birthday gift or picnic surprise. They would love it. Also, you can leave your kids to play into this bubble tent on your backyard cause you can watch over your eye-candies playing with their favorite toys safely. At night you can show them the 360-degree view of nature while being inside this child-safe bubble tent.


A Buyers Guide to the Wonderful World of Bubble Tents

Bubble tents give you a reason to spend your time in nature with your loved ones. Many of these miraculous wonders are multipurpose, multi-weather (handling degrees from -4 F to 140 F), multi-size, and have multi-function rooms with bathroom. They are designed for you to help you make some quality time far from insects, rain, wind, and snow, into nature with warmth and comfort. Imagine a sky full of stars, the clouds raining heavily, and even the snowfall. The bubble tent wants to make you smile with its respective features. You can keep your kids into this tent in your backyard while doing other work. Need not to worry about anything, cause the bubble tent is your safe spot in nature.

Who does not wants to spend some time with their loved ones that too in nature! What else is a good option than having something that can give you a view of 360 degrees of nature for 24/7 !! That too not compromising the warmth and comfort that your room provides. You can call it “a transparent room in nature with your loved ones”.

Investing What do you need?

Size: The suitable size for bubble tents can be said to suit from around 2 – 6 people comfortably. But accordingly, the price goes high not enough to empty your bank balance though.

Use: Some of the provided bubble tents is for particular seasons and some are for all the year. You just need to figure out which one is going to fit you in.

Ease in Set-Up:  Here provided products include both kinds, say it to be easy to set up or hard to set up. It depends on one’s choice if you or your partner are handy and do not want to try the easy set up tents, then you should go for the “hard to set up” ones.

Durability: Make sure to invest in the product that provides you with some warranty if not guarantee. Some provide you with a year warranty and some don’t mention it even after the shipping procedure. Which is annoying. Think of investing wisely as this is a semi-lifetime investment.

Set-up Areas:  Do not forget to consider areas where you have to set it up. The surface should be plain and not rocky. The plain surface might be the beach, backyard, etc.

How much a bubble tent cost?

A product that suits your needs will pay for itself in no time. You just need to think twice before making a pocket – friendly decision. Also, make sure that the product you invest in, betrays you because of the price, in respect of the quality.


If the product is worth the comfort and happiness, then it is all. Thinking about the quality time the bubble tents might provide you is priceless. No matter you want to have fun on the beach or in your backyard, the bubble tents aren’t going to disappoint you in any way.

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