Review and Guide for best gas grills under $1000

Can you own a gas grill with 1000 dollars in your pocket? Yes of course you can. There are some best gas grills under $1000 that will help you cook tasty meals.

Undoubtedly, with a gas grill you can always try more new recipes and enjoy a warm evening with your family and friends. You can host a great outdoor parties with these grills.

But we know that sometimes it is obvious to have trouble selecting an ideal product that best fits your needs. That’s why we are here.

In order to help you make a fine decision, we’ve listed down some of the best gas grills under $1000 with their reviews. So, let’s get started.

List of best gas grills under $1000

1. Weber Genesis II E-310 LP Grill

Genesis II E-310 is another member of the Genesis 3 burner gas grill family. The three burners produce even grilling because of the proper heat distribution.

This 3 burner gas grill is equipped with premium features like porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates that are easy to clean and durable. In addition, its sleek open-cart design provides easy accessibility for grilling tools.

It has the stainless steel body equipped with Gs4 high-performance grilling technology. With the iGrill 3 app-connected, its thermometer monitors food from beginning to end, displaying the real-time temperature on your mobile device.

No more guessing about running out of fuel with easy to read fuel gauge. And not to forget that this grill is backed by the Weber 10 year manufacturer’s warranty on all parts of the grill. It will surely raise the standard of backyard grilling.


  • Porcelain-enameled and cast iron cooking grates
  • high performing powerful Gs4 grilling system
  • Compatible with the iGrill 3 app
  • 10 years of manufacturer’s warranty
  • Total cooking area 669 square inches

2. Char-Broil Performance 650

The grill’s six burners are all housed under a single lid, and together they’re capable of putting out 60,000 BTUs of heat. Beside that it also has 10,000 BTU lidded side burner.

In addition it comes with electronic ignition for quick and easy start-ups and a built-in lid-mounted thermometer. It possesses a mega sized cooking area.

Meanwhile its grease pan is easy to remove from the grill, which helps keeping it clean after every grilling session. And its porcelain coated cast iron cooking grates are rust proof and made to last.

Moreover this 6 burner gas grill packs a ton of grilling features including a sleek stainless steel cabinet with doors. It offers sufficient space to store the propane tank and all your grilling accessories.


  • 10,000-BTU lidded side burner
  • 60,000 BTU main burner
  • 650 square inches of primary cooking space and 280 square inches of warming rack
  • Lid-mounted thermometer
  • Sleek stainless steel design

3. Napoleon LEX 485 BBQ Grill

You are going to find everything you need in this grill. Made up of durable stainless steel it will last long and looks good even in the harshest weather. This grill comes with rear and side infrared burners.

Meanwhile it has four main burners. Overall its 6 burners delivers total 74,000 BTUs. Its unique wave shape cooking grids provides even heating throughout your cooking session.

Its storage cabinet is very spacious to store all your grilling accessories. Also the large side shelves provide enough prep space while protecting the infrared sear station as well.

It is pack with all the usual aid like drip tray, backlit control knobs, battery free ignition, stainless steel tube burners and cast iron cooking grids. So keep on grilling with this feature loaded and affordable grill.


  • 6 burners with 74,000 total BTU
  • 815 square inches of total grilling area
  • Unique wave shape cooking grids
  • Ample storage and prep space

4. Napoleon Rogue 365 Propane Gas Grill

One more Napoleon in our list of best gas grills under $1000. This is a well designed grill which is made with high quality materials, has an impressive appearance and sturdy build.

It offers 3 burners that provide substantial heat of 37,000 BTU. It has stainless steel sear plates around 365 sq. in. of main grilling area for even heat distribution. So it becomes easier to get those perfect sear marks.

Because of its unique flame throwing ignition system you can start up the grill by shooting a flame to the main burners. Meanwhile it also fetures folding side shelves and a cabinet for storage of propane and other grilling tools, as well as a detachable storage basket.

It has robust stainless steel construction. Therefore offering durability, longevity and a stylish look that is sure to withstand the elements. So let make your meal a grilling masterpiece with Napoleon Rogue 365.


  • cast iron grated infrared Sizzle Zone side burner
  • “S” Wave reversible cooking grids
  • dual level stainless steel sear plates
  • Accu-Probe temperature gauge
  • 37,000 total BTU And 365 sq. in. of grilling area

5. Weber-Stephen Genesis II LX S-240 Natural Gas Grill

Genesis is Weber’s most popular grill series. It has decent size, good output, and is built to last long. And of course Genesis II LX S-240 offers the signature high-quality Weber cooking experience.

It possesses GS4 Grilling System that includes two high performance stainless steel burners. Beside that it also has stainless steel Flavourizer Bars and New Grease Management System which reduces the risk of dangerous flare-ups and makes grease removal easy.

Meanwhile there’s 380 square inches of cooking space with 114 square inch of Tuck-Away warming rack with 7mm stainless steel cooking grates. Its infinity igniter allows your grill to start on the first strike.

Moreover its side table with integrated tool hooks offers easy access to all your grill accessories. And its flush-mounted side burner is perfect for preparing side dishes and BBQ sauces.


  • 10 year, Weber Guarantee
  • Main burners:29,000 BTU and Side burner:12,000 BTU
  • Handle Light
  • iGrill3 ready
  • GS4 grilling system

6. Weber Stephen Genesis II E-335 LP Grill

Our list of best gas grills under $1000 is incomplete until we have 2 or 3 products from Weber. And here we have another gas grill of Weber Genesis series. This one is really a very nice grill.

It is a 3 burner grill along with sear burner and a side burner. And has 39000 , 9000 and 12000 BTU per hour input of main burners, sear buner and side buner respectively.

So you can use sear station to add sear marks to your meat and side burner to simmer BBQ sauce or sauté veggies. The stainless steel cooking grates provide even heat distribution across the entire grilling surface. And are built to last.

It is iGrill3 app ready, likewise other grills of Genesis series. Meanwhile the grill cabinet adds enclosed storage space for all of your essential grilling tools and accessories. And side table provide enough prep space.


  • 10 year warranty
  • GS4 grilling system
  • Porcelain-enameled lid for superior heat retention
  • iGrill3 app ready

7. 3 Embers 4-Burner Dual Fuel Propane Gas Grill

Level up your grilling with 3 Embers 4-Burner Dual Fuel Propane Gas Grill and prepare delicious meals for your family and friends. It possesses high end appliance look and performance as well.

The most standout feature in this grill is its Radiant Embers cooking system. It features specifically designed stainless steel heat tents that ensure even cooking throughout the entire grilling surface.

Meanwhile it consists 540 sq. in. of primary cooking area and also has 4 ceramic- titanium-coated stainless steel burners. Because of the heat locking insulated lid and firebox the heat inside the grill while cooking will be under control.

In addition a 12,000 BTU power of side burner will help you prepare your favorite side dishes/sauces. Equipped with an appliance grade glass viewing window, torch ignition, led illuminated knobs, dual fuel valves, and pull-out drawers for storage this grill has both elegant looks and best in class features.


  • Heat locking insulation
  • Ceramic titanium coated burners with lifetime warranty
  • Precise Temperature Control Knobs with LEDs
  • 8.5 mm Diameter Solid Stainless Steel Cooking Grates

8. KitchenAid 740-0781 Built Propane Gas Grill, Stainless Steel

A built in option in our list of best gas grills under $1000. Isn’t it impressive? It is constructed with premium quality corrosion-resistant materials for durability and ease of upkeep.

It is equipped with 4 main stainless steel burners and one ceramic rotisserie burner and possesses 884 sq. in. of total cooking space. In addition it delivers up to 71,000 BTUs of fire-roasting energy.

Just above the primary burners are angled flame tamers that deflects heat, prevent flare ups and vaporize drippings. Its Even-Heat System distributes consistent and uniform heat across the stainless steel cooking grates.

Moreover electronic ignition allows burners to fire up instantly and the built-in thermometer enables precise temperature regulation. The overall construction is stainless steel that assures durability.


  • 884 sq. in. of total cooking space
  • 71,000 BTUs of power
  • four main stainless steel burners and one ceramic rotisserie burner
  • stainless steel cooking grates

9. Kenmore PG-40405S0LA Stainless Steel 4 Burner Outdoor Patio Gas BBQ Propane Grill

It is another good option for those who want a full functional and feature loaded grill but are on a tight budget. It has 4 stainless steel burners each possesses 10,000 BTUs and one side burner of 13,000 BTUs. That means total 53,000 BTUs of power.

Because of its electronic ignition system the burners start up quickly. And distributes heat evenly around 621 sq. in. of total cooking area as well.

The exterior temperature gauge allows you to monitor the temperature of your food for optimal cooking. Meanwhile its stainless steel lid retains the heat inside the grill while cooking.

In addition it is packed with stainless steel firebox and flavorizer bars which minimize flare ups and vaporize drippings into smoke to be absorbed by your food. Moreover the tool hooks and the enclosed cart allows you to store all your grilling accessories on hand.


  • 459 sq. in. of primary cooking space and 162 sq. in. of warming area
  • Electronic ignition system
  • Exterior temperature gauge
  • Total 53,000 BTU power

10. Broil King 923584 Baron S590 Liquid Propane Gas Grill

Broil king’s Baron series is known for power and performance. And Baron S590 is another member in the family. It has 5 stainless steel Dual-Tube burners that deliver up to 50,000 BTUs of heating.

As a result it provide even heat distribution and is durable as well. On the other hand the durable stainless cook box is here to ensure even heating and heat retention for precise control.

Meanwhile Stainless steel Flav-R-Wave protects the burner and vaporizes drippings for great barbecue flavor. And a high-powered 10,000 BTU side burner allows you to make side dishes/sauces/soups while you grill.

Because of the Linear-Flow valves with 180 degree Sensi-Touch control knobs which gives you the infinite heat control, you can set your grill to the perfect temperature for searing, roasting or slow cooking.


  • 10 year burner warranty
  • 10,000 BTU powerful side burner and 15,000 BTU rotisserie burner
  • 805-sq in total cooking area
  • Reversible heavy-duty cast-iron cooking grids
  • Fold down stainless steel side shelves

Final words

So this was our list of best gas grills under $1000. Now you have a guide to find the best gas grill that you always wanted to have.

We know that choosing a right grill for good value can be difficult because there are so many options available at different price range. That’s why we are here.

To put out our list together we have spent hours reading through hundreds of customer reviews of best gas grills under $1000. We hope this list was helpful for you choosing the right gas grill.

Did you saw something missing? or Want to say something? Just share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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