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10 Best Gas Grills Under $200- Buyer’s Guide & Review-Done

Are you a new griller? Do you think that with $200 in your pocket you can’t own a gas grill? If you do, then you are in the right place to clear doubts. Because in this article we are going to tell you about the best gas grills under $200 which you can buy.

We know that this is the price range in which most of you will feel comfortable spending to get a home grill. There are many in the market at this price point or under all claiming to be good, but it is obvious that some of them aren’t good enough.

So this makes the shopping process more challenging because you don’t know which one really lives up to the mark. That’s why you are here.

Because here we will be sharing with you some of the best gas grills that you can buy for the price range of $200 or under. So without wasting any time, let’s begin our list.

10 Best gas grills under $200

1. Char-Broil Classic 360 3-Burner

It is probably not possible if we talk about grills and do not mention Char-Broil. It is one of America’s favorite grill brands. And Char-Broil Classic 360 is a top performer in the category of gas grills under $200. It consists of 3 powerful burners.

Best gas grill under $200
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These are stainless steel inline burners that are durable for longer-lasting performance, and offer better high to low heat control. Moreover, it has a cooking surface that measures 26-inches wide by 14-inches deep. That is to say, it features 360 sq in of main cooking surface that is enough to accommodate large meals that your family or friends will enjoy.

In addition, its porcelain-coated cooking grates will help prevent food from sticking and are easy to clean. It also ensures you about the durability of the grill, as the grill lid and firebox are constructed of porcelain-coated steel. As a result, making it capable of standing up to tough weather.

It’s Piezo ignition makes grill start up fast and easy, with just push of a button. It also offers 170 square inches of porcelain-coated swing-away warming rack. The durable metal side tables on this grill provide increased storage and prep space. So all your essential tools will be near your hands while you are grilling.


  • 360 square inches of main cooking space
  • 170 square inch swing-a-way warming rack
  • Porcelain coated grates
  • Three stainless steel in-line burners
  • Porcelain-coated steel lid and firebox
  • Wheels & Metal Side Shelves

2. Weber Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill

Weber is a well-known name in the grill making industry. So It is obvious for Weber to be in the top few spots in our list of best gas grills under $200. Weber Q1000 is a compact design gas grill but delivers the same quality performance for which it is known. At the same time, it also ensures longevity.

Gas grill under $200
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This is kind of a great backyard grill option that also gives you a lot of versatility. And most importantly the trust that comes with Weber. Meanwhile, it offers a single burner with 8,500 BTUs of power and 189 square inches of overall cooking space. By its burner is made of stainless steel, so there shouldn’t be any durability issue for you.

It has porcelain-coated cast iron split cooking grates, for a grate/griddle cooking combination. Because of this, you will experience a delicious alternative way of preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner on your grill. This gas grill under $200 dollar is compact and lightweight. But as a result of cast aluminum construction, it ensures you the durability of your grill.

Its push-button ignition system helps the grill to start up quickly and easily. With the help of a removable catch pan, you can easily clean up your grill. This portable gas grill packs with so many impressive features including larger grip handle and control knobs, ergonomic side handles. So just call your friends and hit the waves.


  • Porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates
  • Glass-reinforced nylon frame
  • Cast aluminum lid and body
  • Removable catch pan
  • Infinite control burner valve
  • Push-button ignition

3. Coleman Roadtrip X-Cursion Propane Grill

The first time when you see Coleman Roadtrip X-Cursion Propane Grill, its collapsible steel scissor legs and low-profile design impresses you. It’s the perfect portable partner for grilling on the move. It has steel legs with oversized wheels that fold up for compact storage and easy transport. So you can easily bring this grill to your camping/picnic spot, or your small backyard.

Best us grill under $200
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With the help of Instastart push-button ignition, you can start your grill quickly and easily. After that be ready with its heat because it delivers 20,000 BTUs of grilling power. Also, it radiates heat equally across the grill, all thanks to its Even-Temp burners. Besides this, it has 2 independently adjustable burners which give you precise control for two temperature zones.

Meanwhile, it features an impressive 285 sq. in. of cooking area, which is hard to guess from its slim profile. In addition, the Swaptop interchangeable cooktops let you have more meal options. As a result, you can change out one of the grill grates with a griddle or stove grate (both sold separately). Its grease pan with NullaaFlare technology reduces 5he chances of flareups and is easy to clean.

Moreover, it has a large side table so that all the necessary tools are within the reach of your hands. Also, you get ample space for your cooking prep, because of this side table. In addition, this grill features porcelain-coated cast-iron cooking grates which are durable and easy to clean as well.


  • 3-year limited warranty
  • 20,000 total BTUs of cooking power
  • Spacious 285 sq. in. cooking area
  • Swaptop interchangeable cooktops
  • 2 independently adjustable burners and 2 temperature zones

4. Pit Boss Grills 75275 Stainless Steel Two-Burner Portable Grill

The Pit Boss stainless steel two-burner portable grill is your perfect partner for tailgating, camping, or small gatherings. Its lightweight and portable design make this grill easy to carry and transport. It has two independently controlled burners which give you the versatility to sear your food.

Best gas grill under $200
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In addition, it also allows for full control of the temperature zones of the grill. Furthermore, the burners possess 10,000 BTU of cooking power. And deliver the perfect amount of heat for grilling or searing as well. There is a push and turn matchless ignition system that helps to start the grill quickly and easily.

It also features 275 square inches of cooking area that is large enough for your outdoor gathering. Moreover, the stainless steel cooking grates and stainless steel construction ensure the longevity of the grill. Meanwhile, you will get a 36 inch long LP hose attachment which can conveniently connect to the 20 lb LP tank.

After that removable grease tray reduces the chances of flareups and catches the drippings/ashes of the food. Also, they are easy to clean. With the help of its hood that includes a dome thermometer, you can monitor the internal heating. It could be a great option for you if you’re looking for something that is extra compact for travel or adventures or simply you just love grilling on the go. By examining all of its features we would place Pit Boss 75275  at 4th spot in our list of best gas grills under $200.


  • Folding legs and latching hood
  • 36″ LP hose attachment
  • 276 sq in cooking surface
  • Push and turn the ignition
  • Lightweight design for easy portability
  • 2 independently controlled burner set up each with 10,000 BTUs of power

5. Royal Gourmet SG3001 3-Burner Propane Gas Grill

Royal Gourmet SG3001 is one of the great feature-loaded affordable grill in our list of best gas grills under $200. When you see this at first sight its simple design yet sturdy construction impresses you. This grill model is probably built of more sturdy materials compared to its competitors in the market.

Gas grill under $200
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It features 320 sq in of main cooking area and 123 sq in of warming rack. As a result of which you are gonna get 443 sq in of overall cooking space, which can fit almost 20 patties at one time. Furthermore, it has porcelain-coated cooking grates that are anti-rust and are easy to clean. As well as these grates can retain the heat evenly.

Meanwhile, you will get 3 stainless steel tube burners and 1 lidded side burner in this grill. These tube burners possess 30,000 BTU of cooking power( 10,000 BTU each) and its side burner has 9,000 BTU. As a result, this grill boasts the cooking power totaling 39,000 BTUs. With the help of its side burner, you will have the convenience to prepare side dishes, sauces, soups, etc.

In addition, there’s piezo ignition system for the tube burners and an automatic ignition system for the side burner. Both allow for a quick and easy start-up with each simple push. The bowl-shaped grease cup efficiently collects grease and food residue and allows easy clean-up. Moreover, it has many other user-friendly features like hand cover on stainless steel handle, lid-mounted thermometer, glossy lid, sturdy construction, etc.


  • 443 Square inches of overall cooking space
  • Total 39000 BTU of power
  • Piezo and automatic ignition system
  • Side burner with 9,000 BTU
  • The large bowl-shaped grease cup

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6. Char-Broil Classic 280 2-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill with Side Burner

This is a superb gas grill under $200. You can prepare tasty grilled meals on this small propane gas grill. Char-Broil Classic 280 has 2 main burners that deliver 20,000 BTU of cooking power. It also includes a side burner with 8,000 BTU of power. Its side burner can be used to prepare sauces and side dishes to complement the items being grilled.

Gas grill under $200
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Its 280 sq in primary cooking surface features porcelain-coated cooking grates. As a result of which it helps prevent food from sticking and also are easy to clean. The overall cooking surface measures 20-inches wide x 14-inches deep. It provides ample cooking space so you can fit almost 12 burgers easily.

You don’t need to worry about longevity because inside you will get stainless steel inline burners which are durable and ensures for longer-lasting performance. Also, it offers even heating and better heat control. Meanwhile, be tension free about its construction because the grill lid and firebox are made up of porcelain-coated steel for increased durability. And capable of standing up to tough weather.

Moreover, its Piezo ignition system allows for quick and reliable burner startup with just push of a button. In addition, this grill features 6-inch wheels for increased mobility and portability. Also, it consists of 12-in W x 13.5-in deep durable metal side shelves for ample prep space for better convenience.


  • 280 square inches of cooking space
  • porcelain-coated grates
  • 2 main burners with 20,000 BTU
  • 8,000 BTU side burner
  • Two stainless steel in-line burners
  • Metal side shelves

7. MASTER COOK Classic Liquid Propane Gas Grill, 3 Burner with Folding Table

A strong competitor of other grills near its price. It surely has some premium features. For instance, it consists of 3 stainless steel main burners. That delivers 30,000 BTU of heat across its cooking surface. If you are looking for an affordable grill in which you can conveniently handle cooking for many people at once, then give this grill a try.

Gas grill under $200
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Apparently it has 340 sq in of primary cooking area. And additionally, you are going to get a 133 sq in of warming rack as well. Consequently, this makes the grill to offer a total of 473 sq in of overall cooking space. This is the main impressive thing about this grill. So you will get enough space to put all the burgers for your guest at the weekend party.

In addition, porcelain-coated cooking grates offer superior heat retention, even heating, and longevity. Not only this its grill lid and firebox are also constructed of porcelain-coated steel. And because of the built-in stainless steel thermometer, you will have accurate temperature control and an easy-to-read gauge helps you achieve perfectly cooked foods.

Furthermore, this grill sits on two 6-inches wheels for increased mobility. This helps in easy transportation. So you can use it anywhere you want. And its durable metal side shelves provide ample prep space. It can be a boon for grillers with small patios, decks, or balconies.


  • 473 sq in of total cooking space
  • Porcelain-coated grates
  • 30,000 BTU burners
  • Piezo ignition system for fast and reliable startups
  • Three stainless steel in-line burners

8. Cuisinart CGG-180 Petit Gourmet Portable Gas Grill with VersaStand

Cuisinart CGG-180 Petit Gourmet is a decent gas grill under $200 that you can own. This grill comes with VersaStand integrated adjustable telescoping base. So it can be used on a tabletop or extended to use it on the ground. Its lightweight, briefcase-style design makes this grill easy to carry and store.

Us grill under $200
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As a result, this compact high-performance grill can be put almost anywhere. Although this is a compact and lightweight gas grill still it has 160 sq in of cooking area. And that is large enough to cook most family meals. Because of its small size, the grill heats up very quickly. In addition, it uses far less gas than a full-sized grill.

It’s small in size but performs as good as a full-size grill. It’s fueled by propane and the compact size keeps the heat near the cooking surface. Thus making it more energy-efficient than large grills. Meanwhile, it features a twist start ignition system, so that you can start your grill easily.

Its porcelain-enameled cooking grates evenly and efficiently distributes heat around 160 sq in of spacious cooking surface. Moreover, its precision temperature gauge gives you the ultimate temperature control. Its design allows you to use this grill as either a free-standing grill or tabletop grill. This is a perfect grilling partner for decks, patios and balconies, camping, tailgating, and more.


  • Drip tray catches grease and drippings
  • 160-square-inches of porcelain-enameled grates
  • 5, 500 BTU burner
  • Easy to carry and store
  • Lightweight
  • 3-year limited warranty

9. Huntington 30040HNT Liquid Propane Gas Grill

This grill consists of both durability and performance. It is built using high-quality materials. As a result, you get a sturdy, strong, unbeatable grill. Furthermore, it comes with a 300 square inch of primary cooking area. And 130 square inch of warming rack. Consequently, you are gonna get 430 sq. in. of the total grilling area.

Best gas grill under $200
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Meanwhile, the main burner is made up of stainless steel and possesses an output of up to 30,000 BTU. On the other hand, there’s also a side burner with 10,000 BTU of power. Therefore it will allow you to prepare tasty side dishes, sauces, soups, etc. After that its cooking grid is porcelain coated, so it’s easy to maintain and easy to clean.

Moreover, it features an electronic push-button ignition system, because of which the grill starts-up easily. And the powerful burner helps the grill to heat up quickly and effectively. With the help of two temperature control knobs, you can set the desired temperature of the cooking.

In addition, the durable cast aluminum body helps to provide even heat throughout the oven space. Also, it’s aluminized cooking system protects the burner and vaporizes juices for sizzling flavor. The weather-resistant side shelves offer additional workspace which is ample for your cooking preps.


  • Flush-mounted side burner
  • 30,000 BTU stainless steel main burner system
  • 10,000 BTU side burner
  • 430 sq. in. of total grilling area
  • 5 years of warranty

10. Blackstone 28 inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle Station

In our list of best gas grills under $200, Blackstone is another milestone. With this 28-inch Flat Top gas grill, you will surely enjoy your outdoor grilling session. This grill is very easy to assemble and simple to use. So you will be ready to grill in no time. Because of the powder-coated black steel frame design, this grill is going to last long.

You will get hassle-free start-ups as it includes battery-powered push-button ignition. So with just a simple push of a button, your grill is ready to go. In addition, it features two independently controlled stainless steel burners. As the burners are made up of stainless steel they are robust and durable. These burners deliver 15,000 BTU of output.

That is to say, it will put out 30,000 BTUs of output in total. Its 4 adjustable heat zones make for a versatile cooking surface with the help of which you can cook several foods at once and not burn a thing. And when talking about the cooking surface, it features 470 square inches of flat top grilling area. That is perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or even any outdoor gatherings.

Moreover, it includes a bottom shelf and two side shelves which makes food storage and cooking prep easy and efficient. The griddle top is removable, as a result, it makes cleaning easy and convenient. Also because of its foldable legs, you can transport or store it with ease. In addition, a tank storage is tucked nicely under the left side shelf to accommodate a 20lb propane tank. So take the headache away from outdoor cooking and spend more time enjoying the outdoors.


  • Constructed from tough steel
  • 2 independently controlled burners with a total 30, 000 BTUs
  • Easy start-up with electric push-button ignition
  • 470sq inches of flat top grilling area
  • Easy storage and transportation


Final words-

Now you have read about all our featured products in our list of best gas grills under $200. With some proper knowledge of all of the specifications of the above-mentioned gas grills, you can find the perfect grill you were looking for.

With a strict budget of $200, it is quite hard to find a better gas grill. That’s why we are here. We put our best effort to list down some of the best gas grills that you can own under $200.

We have done deep research, gave tens of hours looking at different options available, examined their specifications. After that prepared this list for your convenience.

We hope this list was helpful to you. If something is missing or you want to say something then share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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