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Best Gas Masks For Survival in 2020 | Reviewed

Aren’t you tired of all air pollutants around you? Surely if such dust is visible by your eyes, ever wondered how many toxic microorganisms are in the air that you are breathing in today. Some of these best gas masks can help you.

Toxicity like that can heavily affect your lungs. The dust that is visible by naked eyes is already an issue but there are harmful gases released on an everyday basis which people cannot avoid if they are ignorant about it. Here gas mask plays a major role in helping you to be safe from all the poisonous substances that are already existing in the air.

In layman’s terms, a gas mask is an air detoxifying tool that purifies the air that one breathes in. It has a small shape that is fitting for a person’s face. Given its small shape, it is easily portable from one place to another. Gas masks are two types:

Air Purifying Respirator

Air purifying respiratory masks only cover your nose and mouth area while leaving the eyes region prone to all the danger. Although they also help in purifying the air that you breathe in and out, still all the harmful chemical substances may affect your eyesight. And the necessity of good eyesight is known by everyone.

Full Face Gas Mask

This version of the gas mask as the name denotes covers the whole face including eyes, nose, mouth and the other regions of a person’s face. This mask is more preferred by professionals to prevent the intake of toxic pollutants.

Best Gas Masks In 2020 Reviewed


1. AVON M50

Avon M50 masks are specially made to retaliate the chemical and hazardous pollutants in the air. This gas mask is the preferred choice of the military due to its various features such as its clear and panoramic view that provides a vision better than the normal naked eyes, its glass is scratch resistance meaning the quality of glass is highly resistant and durable. Even though the face is covered with the gas mask, clear communication can be held with a perfect audacity.

It has a chlorobutyl rubber silicone build that prioritizes the comfort of the mask on the face. Longer hours of usage does not heighten the heat in this mask. In a nutshell, the Avon M50 mask is one of the best gas masks in the market for staying healthy in the polluted environment


  • Effective and flexible fitting
  • Comfortable and easily usable
  • Vision correction
  • Radio communication available
  • Sunlight protection


  • Expensive
  • Filters defect

2. SGE 400/3

Mestel Safety SGE 400/3 is made of butyl rubber with a polycarbonate visor. This mask is generally designed for the specific purpose against the chemical, nuclear or biological risks. It has a water drinking tube with three different ports for the filter. There are many features of this mask that sets this apart from all the masks.

The one-piece visor can be adjusted as per the needs of the user and it cannot be scratched easily because of the proper division of dimensions of the visor in the mask. SGE masks have the perfect ventilation for the users because of the shape of the internal ring nut. Therefore this task mask is one of the best gas masks that do not cause any kind of irritation or allergy even after using it for indefinite periods.



  • 6 different adjustable straps
  • 3 ports of filters
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Perfect ventilation
  • Full face and heat protection


  • Bit bulky
  • Assembling and practicing


Mira safety cm-6m mask is one of the most reliable products in the longer run. Although it needs heavy investment in return it will stay sturdy for a good twenty years or so. This mask is widely used by rescue squad, civil defense, fire department, construction, and painting departments. One of the various features is that its visor has a panoramic field of view with a built-in speech diaphragm that enables a high-level voice audacity for the listeners.

It also has a compatible drinking system with an external canteen. This mask has a five-point head harness that does not entrap any hair. It is made of borobutyl rubber which provides an anti-fogging feature and for low resistance of breathing it has two filter ports.



  • Panoramic design
  • Pre-installed hydration
  • Long life
  • Anti-fogging material


  • Not NIOSH CBRN approved
  • Strong rubber smell
  • Expensive

4. 3M 7800S

The 3M Safety 7800S does its job quite well of repelling the toxicants while breathing in the purified air. This mask is made of silicone to fit the face with the utmost comfort. There are six adjustable straps and three different modes of air purification. One is the air-purifying respirator, the supplied air, and the last mode is the powered air-purifying respirator.

This mask also has a good inflow and outflow of air which avoids fogging inside the mask. Its visor is anti-scratch and quite durable through the year of purchase.



  • Anti-fogging and good diaphragm quality
  • Comfort fitting
  • 6 point head strap
  • High-end product


  • No drinking tube

5. ERB 6900

ERB 6900 is one of the masks that has been in the market for sixty years. It is known for its lightweight features and the and pretty affordable price according to all the advantages it provides to the user. It’s the absolute choice for people who want to be safe from all the harmful substances in their environment.

This mask has adjustable straps which avoid any kind of discomfort faced by the user. Those who want the utmost security and protection this mask is the most suitable option.



  • Adjustable strap
  • Guaranteed protection
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Can be dissembled for cleaning purpose


  • No filter
  • Pricey

Ultimate Guide For Gas Masks

Do you know where to start when looking for the gas mask that suits your pocket and comfort? Gas masks need is rapidly growing these days, as there is a constant rise in global warming and pollution. In this health-conscious era, staying up to date with the environment is one of the salient features. Let’s get more indulged with the working of nature and how to avoid the failure of your health.


1. Specification

Specification of mask means that there are many characterizations of a has mask that needs to be recognized for it to be the ideal gas mask. The respirators, visor, straps, vision, filters, tubes are one of the many features that should be fitted in the mask properly for it to be approved by the higher authorities. Most of the masks are prioritized that are approved and rated by CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) for respirators or NBC (Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical) protective gear. In case of the effectiveness of the piece of masks, NIOSH (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) rating is the most credible in the market. While for the purpose of civil defense, military graded masks should be preferred.

2. Features

There are many features that are considered while choosing a valuable gas mask. The most important feature of a proper mask is the visor. A good visor should be able to reflect off the toxic substances in the environment while providing the best vision of the surroundings. Then comes the nose cup, which should cover the remaining parts of the face like a nose or mouth. There should be adjustable straps that secure the fit for the face and avoid being uncomfortable while wearing a mask. Last but not least, there should a proper filter facility which does not allow fogging in the mask. These are the majority of features that should be taken into consideration before giving it a rating or buying it.

3. Coverage

As discussed above there are two types of gas masks, one that provides full coverage while the other does not. Half face respirator masks are used in the daily lives of a common man while the whole face respirator masks perform certain features, and are preferred for specific tasks. You can either make a targeted investment on the full-face masks for the long time benefits while if you are looking for something temporary then half-face masks are suitable for your choice.

4. Budget

How deep is your pocket is one of the main questions while choosing a proper mask. If you can afford specific masks that are either NIOSH, CBRN or NBC it will surely be an investment with a long return facility. While if you are looking for something cheap then also there are a variety of masks that are suitable for day to day use. According to your budget, you can also plan to save for a certain mask even if you cant buy it on the spot.

5. Material

Material means the things that are used in the mask that guides it through a process to lead it to a final result. A quality product must have the necessary raw materials whether it’s expensive or cheap. Definitely a good quality mask needs high-end materials which make the end product costly too. While cheaper products don’t necessarily need quality materials resulting in a cheaper price in the market. Whether its an expensive or cheap product, the common feature it should provide is its functionality and comfort. Therefore be an aware customer about the material and its main functions before buying it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gas Masks

Q1. Can I buy any task mask and expect it to protect me from anything that might happen?

Ans. Gas masks are made to protect you from specific dangers. You cannot expect a gas mask to save you from an earthquake or tsunami. Gas masks can save you from hazardous substances while you have to make sure that it’s fitted properly according to your face structure and there is no leakage. You should buy it from a trusted supplier and train yourself for correctly using the mask.

Q2. Will the gas mask protect me if there is not enough oxygen in the air?

Ans. A gas mask does not supply oxygen to the user.

Q3. Will I have a breathing problem while wearing a mask?

Ans. Breathing inside a gas mask will be harder than breathing normally. People with lung disease may get attacks due to the confined air. As for elderly people may also face breathing problems in the mask due to their senile age. While people suffering from claustrophobia may not be able to wear masks because of their psychological deficiency. It may get hot and hotter in the gas mask after a specific time period.

Q4. How long does a filter last?

Ans.  There is no specific time limit that defines how long the filter will last. If you are using it in a hazardous environment then the filter will not last long enough. Being in a surrounding of higher concentration reduces the filtration ability of the gas mask. Each and every brand supplies different types of gas masks that have a wide variety of filtration capability.

Q5. Is it legal to own a gas mask?

Ans. It is legal to own a gas mas but there may be certain limitations in different countries for wearing a mask in public.


Gas masks whether it covers the full face or half face have become an important part of the community. Today’s trending virus that is Coronavirus is extremely easy to be transferred from one person to another with minimum communications. Therefore there has been a massive growth in the need and consumption of masks. Gas masks have been with humankind through a very long time period. It provides the ultimate shield to avoid or reflect any toxic substances to enter a person’s body. Those who know the worth of their health keep tabs on ways to prevent getting sick while doing what they are supposed to be doing. Thus masks come in play for varieties of uses, it just depends on the user to utilize it accordingly.

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