Best Japanese Massage Chairs

Not only going to spas regularly is inconvenient but also expensive. But a good massage is very relaxing and addictive. Therefore, we have picked and reviewed some of the best Japanese Massage Chairs for you.

Why a Japanese massage chair? Because it has more features than a traditional massage chair. It focuses on full-body healing giving a sense of relaxation. The Japanese massage chairs in this article will give a therapeutic massage experience at the comfort of your home.

Best Japanese massage chair reviewed

Our top picks for the best Japanese massage chairs are given below.

Daiwa Legacy Massage Chair DWA-9100

Daiwa legacy is packed with features to give you an efficient Shiatsu massage. Available in 3 different colours, Daiwa will surely tackle all the trigger points causing pain.

Daiwa legacy comes with an L- Shaped track massage system to relax your whole body. It comes with six different massage controls. Legacy will relax your whole body from shoulders to hamstrings.

Talking about its great features, Daiwa comes with special heat therapy to relax the tired muscles. The built-in rocking rotation technology helps in relaxing the sore muscles due to continuous sitting.

Moreover, you can also listen to music while relaxing as Daiwa features Bluetooth. The zero-gravity feature gives you a sense of weightlessness when the chair is inclined at 30 degrees. This awesome massage chair will give a very relaxing experience.

Luraco iRobotics 7 PLUS Medical Massage Chair

Luraco is built especially for medical purposes. It will help in relaxing the sore muscles and will give you a very comforting experience.

With an average capacity of 300lbs, Luraco is a great quality option. You can easily adjust the heat in Lumbar, Seat and Feet Area with user-friendly remote control. The intensity of the massage can also be adjusted with five options.

Luraco features double foot rollers for a foot massage. The dual 3D roller system for deep tissue penetration will relax the sore tissues and ligaments. 

Additionally, the zero-gravity feature helps to relax the back to give you the ultimate experience. The built-in mp3 player and powerful speakers are an add-on to this experience.


Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair

Inada Sogno is designed so that even young people can also enjoy a massage. With broad massage coverage, Inada gives a perfect shiatsu massage experience.

Coming to the features, Inada comes with an entire body stretch feature. This allows you to experience a gentle flexion and extension motion with a rotational twist.

Moreover, it comes with eight programmed settings with a user-friendly remote. Inada robotic functions give a humanlike massage experience.

Available in three colours, Inada is a high-quality massage chair. Inada’s attention to details attributes to it’s great and convenient shiatsu massage at home.


Johnson J6800 Ultra-High-Performance Deep 4D Japanese Massage Chair

If you want a great shiatsu massage at a cheaper price then this massage chair is for you. Packed with great features, this massage chair from Johnson is the best.

It features a 4D massage technology to relax your sore muscles. A unique 11-point auto body scan detects the body’s curvature. This gives a personalized experience.

Johnson also features a foot heater and hand warmer. The ability to store different user profiles make it easy to use. The built-in Bluetooth feature enhances the massage experience.

This high-quality, inexpensive massage chair is the best bet. With three colour choices and a 3-year warranty, Johnson makes it to our list of best Japanese massage chairs.


U.S Jaclean(USJ-9000) Massage Chair Relax 2 Zero

The last in our list of best Japanese massage chairs is this USJ-9000. This is a modern massage chair packed with smart features. With lower power consumption USJ delivers a therapeutic massage experience.

It comes with body heat technology. The heat combined with shiatsu relaxes most nasty areas. You can also change the modes for a better experience.

The full-body detection feature allows the chair to draw a virtual map of the body. USJ-9000 features airbag technology. This relaxes the sore and tired muscles.

Additionally, zero-gravity technology gives the feeling of lightness. This doesn’t tense your muscles while the massage is being done. All these features are just a touch away with the LCD remote access.



We have tried to pick up some of the best Japanese massage chairs. The massage chairs in the list are all automated and packed with features. We have kept in mind the price without compromising the features.

You are just a review away to get the best  Japanese massage chair for yourself. 

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