Best Warmest Winter jackets

Best Warmest Winter Parkas 2020 (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

Read the review of the 10 best warmest winter parkas and jackets and dress in style this winter.

Do you get irritated when winters come around? Like, the snow is all good and beautiful but staying cooped in the entire day in fear of catching a cold is way too much. Won’t it be nice if you could enjoy the snowball fights without catching a cold? Or go skiing or biking while being warm? Here are the answers to all your troubles.

Parkas, slightly larger than jackets are hooded jackets usually made of animal skin. They keep you warm in the biting cold. Some parkas can even withstand below freezing temperatures and are a good investment for the winters. Planning on buying one? Read the below-mentioned review and discover the best winter parkas.

10 Best Warmest Winter Parkas and Jackets: Review

1. Fjallraven Nuuk

Fjallraven Nuuk is the perfect winter garment for the biting cold. It has Supreme Micro Loft padding that keeps you warm in really low temperatures. The parka comes with a fixed hood with soft fleece lining and detachable artificial fur to keep snow storms away from your face. The fabric is 100% polyamide and comfortable.

The one thing Nuuk Parka will never let you fall short of is pockets. It has spacious bellow pockets and hand-warming pockets at the hem. Two zippered breast pockets and a pocket for your MP3 on the sleeve. There are two mesh pockets on the inside and a safety pocket. Nuuk is available in different colors and is both windproof and waterproof.

The only thing wrong with Fjallraven Nuuk is the size of the product. That can also be ruled out if you go through the size chart properly before rushing in to buy it. Otherwise, this winter parka with its extraordinary features is the best for you. It offers both style and warmth.

2. Canada Goose Expedition

Canada Goose developed Expedition for scientists working in McMurdo Station, Antarctica. The expedition has a natural coyote fur which keeps you warm and comfortable. The parka has front cargo pockets and an adjustable drawcord waist. The fur-trimmed hood keeps your head and neck warm blocking out the air.

Canada Goose is known for its unique and innovative apparel. Expedition too follows that pattern and offers a wide variety of colors to choose from. The winter parka has an adjustable drawcord to adjust the fitting. The jacket will surely protect you from the chilly weather.

The major downside which restricts people from buying an Expedition is its high price. Canada Goose jackets are so expensive because of their high-quality. The goose-down-filled jackets keep people fairly warm. Also, it is made of 85% polyester which some people may be allergic to. Another drawback which can be stuffed away if you scrutinize it clearly is the size. The expedition runs large and usually ordering a smaller size can do the trick.

3. Moose Knuckles

Moose Knuckles Parka is a quality-oriented product. The material used to manufacture it is breathable and durable. The fill-in insulation adds to the warmth. Also, the blue and silver fox fur-trimmed hood is detachable. Overall, it is made with the aim to keep you comfortable and cozy.

Moose Parka is waterproof and comes with heavy-duty zippers. The catchy look of the jacket is not one to ignore. Moose Knuckle is famed for the world’s sportswear. And with this winter parka, they really outdid themselves. You can trust the brand blindly for its quality and durability.

While all the parkas turn out to be large in size, Moose Knuckles suffers from a drawback of small size. It is better to go through the size chart carefully before buying this jacket. The parka may also fall a bit heavy on your wallet. But if you take all those pros in view, it definitely is worth all the money.

4. Arc’teryx Therme

Arc’teryx Therme gives you a choice of wide-ranging colors. The material used is waterproof and breathable. The GORE-TEX technology guarantees a ventilated wind blocker material. It also adds to the stylish appearance of the jacket.

Once you buy Therme you need not worry further. The winter parka manufactured of high-quality fabric is durable enough. It is windproof which means you can wear it out in a hailstorm. But don’t do that unless it is necessary. The down insulation keeps your body toasted and the cold at bay. Therme is unique in its simple way and definitely a pick for the cold weather.

The only drawback of Arc’teryx Therme is that the parka is not entirely waterproof. That implies you can’t don it on stormy or rainy days. But the jacket serves its core purpose of keeping you warm. And trust me, you could survive the ice age in this parka.

5. Triple F.A.T. Goose

Triple F.A.T. Goose is a hydrophobic jacket. Made of high-quality material, it will keep you warm on the chilliest days. It has the warmest Goose insulation giving you the freedom to enjoy the outings. The fabric of F.A.T. is waterproof and comprised of three layers. It blocks away from the rain ad snow and is also windproof.

With a detachable hood, this parka is your top choice if you want to walk the frosty streets in style. Along with your appearance Triple F.A.T. also looks after your convenience. It has three pockets-two on the front and on the chest, and one on the side. The jacket is durable and can serve you anywhere in whatever conditions.

F.A.T. Goose is expensive but if you look at the umpteen benefits it offers, that doesn’t seem too much. Also, when compared to the other jackets which cost thousands, F.A.T. sounds pretty inexpensive. Like all the other winter parkas, you need to pay special attention to the size of this one too while making a purchase.

6. Nobis Merideth

Nobis uses white duck down of quality Canadian heritage ad that alone assures the quality of its products. The winter parka is waterproof and windproof. The other feature adding to this list is breathability. You can easily go out in the rains wearing Nobis Merideth and not be uncomfortable in the tiniest bit.

Nobis Merideth comes with a versatile moldable in-hood framing with thick elastic rib cuffs. It blocks the cold and air from reaching in and keeps you warm. The parka has thumbhole opening sleeves and a hood. Overall, it takes care of your hands as well as your head. The hood is detachable, giving you a choice to style it accordingly.  Talking about taste, Nobis comes in various colors instead of the traditional Black and Khakhi. The major plus point of this jacket is you don’t have to run to the dry cleaners for its cleaning. It supports machine wash and thus saves you from a hefty bill of drycleaning.

Norbis Meredith comes a bit expensive. But that isn’t the major concern. The jacket sheds fur with regular usage which can be frustrating. Of course, you won’t want to buy a parka which shed fur and is available at such a hefty price. But if you put that demerit apart, nothing else is wrong with Nobis. And with all those amazing features, it certainly isn’t a bad investment for the winter.


S.ROMZA lets you don the looks that could slay. The parka is the most fashionable of all the others mentioned in the list. That doesn’t mean that the jacket falls back on the other features. S.ROMZA has a real rabbit and raccoon fur which will let you survive the ice age. It is also beefy and comfortable which puts it a bit above the others.

The winter parka has ribbed cuffs which you can adjust accordingly. The drawstring at the waist adds to the convenience. The brand is known for best parkas for women and this jacket is another of their masterpieces. It is durable and cozy and perfect for the snowy night walks in style.

Like Nobis, S.ROMZA too suffers from the drawback of shedding of fur. The consumers found the parka quite uncomfortable due to this. Apart from that, the size also happens to be the issue. It runs small and thus takes away the appealing appearance.

8. Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer is that one winter parka you can face a hailstorm with. It has a waterproof nylon shell that gives you protection against the rains and hails. The material is also breathable, so you can stay comfortable in wet surroundings too. There are inner rib-knit storm cuffs that block out the air and are adjustable.

The parka is RDS i.e., Responsible Down Standard certified. It can withstand below freezing temperatures due to the isolation of 650 Premium Down. The insulation keeps you warm in the most unfavorable situations. Eddie Bauer is known in the garment industry and this parka to doesn’t disappoint.

The product is 100% nylon and may cause allergy to some people. But you don’t have to worry about it if you are not allergic to the fabric. Also, you might want to buy the jacket from a store if possible. There have been complaints of poor customer service on the official website.

9. The North Face Arctic

North Face Arctic is RDS certified and lives up to the name of the brand. The down insulation provides you warmth on the chilliest days. The winter parka is also windproof which means you can brave the snow winds while wearing this.

Waterproof and breathable, North Face gives you the freedom to enjoy snowfalls and rains. It comes with a convertible design. You can proudly wear the jacket if you are a fashionista or a normal person. The innovation adds to the stylish appearance of North Face thus making a favorite among the public.

North Face Arctic has a major drawback of shedding of fur. This can cause irritation to the wearer and some serious discomfort. Also, the inner lining is made of polyester which can cause a problem to people who are allergic to the fabric.

10. Orolay

Orolay has a down insulation feature that provides warmth in the coldest weather. The jacket takes care of your comfort as well as convenience. The fleece-lined hood keeps your head protected and warm. It has six big pockets in which you could carry a small world of yours.

Orolay winter parka

Orolay parkas come in various colors and offer a catchy look. The jacket is windproof and you can trust it to not leat air enter in. The water-resistant feature shields you against the rains. The heavy-duty zipper adds to the convenience. Orolay offers all kinds of jackets and this new offering is as good as the previous ones.

Orolay is not all pros and no cons. Firstly, Orolay too has a polyester inner lining. This is however only an issue for the people who are already allergic to the fabric. Secondly, the parka is not as durable as Canada Goose or Fjallraven Nuuk. The low-quality stitching can rip apart pretty soon and has been a major drawback of the product.

Know the Best Winter Parka for you

You read the review of the 10 best warmest winter parkas and jackets. Here is a buyer’s guide for you when you go to pick a parka. You need to inspect the aspects mentioned below in order to find the one which suits you the best.

  • Material

You don’t want to be uncomfortable or cold when you wear a winter parka. I suggest the ones which contain polyesters and cotton fabrics for both warmth and comfort. Polyester provides exceptional insulation and you can never be inconvenient with cotton. It is considered wise to buy a high quality heated parka as they are lightweight and effective. They can keep you both warm and comfortable.

  • Warmth

The real purpose of buying a winter parka is the warmth it gives. You can ascertain the warmth of a jacket while inspecting its material. The quality of fur is another feature you need to check. It is better to buy a parka that can bear temperatures below the freezing level. You never know which part of the world you will be in tomorrow!

  • Size and Length

The size and length of a winter parka are important aspects. Focus on buying jackets that fit you best and keep you warm at the same time. Loose-fittings are not advisable as you may be uncomfortable carrying them around. Also, winter parkas with hoods and pockets are a better choice. That way you can keep your head warm and stuff your hands or things in the pockets.

  • Price

A jacket that comes with all the essential attributes and well within your budget is a daydream. As the quality gets better, the price soars high. But a high-quality winter parka that matches your criteria is an investment worth making. Check the stitching and durability of the parka before spending your hard-earned money on it.

  • Water Repellant Nature

Even though this is an essential attribute for a winter parka, not all of them are water repellant. And the ones which have the feature too aren’t that efficient. So, if you are really keen on biking and other activities in the snowstorms, look for a parka that is water repellant in nature. This way you can remain dry during the rains and warm too.

You must also keep in mind that the jackets which hold this characteristic might be a bit pricey. So make your decisions accordingly.

Now you can buy the best warmest winter parka

Winter Parkas

You have read the reviews of 10 best warmest winter parkas and the buyer’s list. You know the attributes to look for and the best products available there. Investment in parkas is a wise one as they are durable and quite efficient against the bitter cold. They give you the opportunity to roam in the open rather than staying behind for the fear of flu. Winter Parkas keep you warm and the best ones with a hood even take care of your head.

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