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10 Best Wool Blanket For You In 2020 | Buyer’s Guide

What comes in the mind when talking about a wool blanket? Sleep? Comfort?

If talking about today, it must be either you had a tiring day or a fantastic day, isn’t it? But whatever it may be, it must end up with a good night’s sleep right!! A night of comfortable sleep is always considered to be a natural energy booster for every one of us. Here we’re going to talk about one of the ingredients for a good night’s sleep, which is, a wool blanket!

10 Best Wool Blanket That Will Warm You

Here are provided best wool blanket trying to impress your pocket and impress you at the same time.

1.Hudson Bay 8 Point Wool Blanket

Hudson Bay 8 Point Wool Blanket

This company has taken care of your comfort in winters for several years. They’re trying to understand their customers from the year 1670, with a rich history in Canada. Talking about the product, it is made of 100% wool which rarely allows electronegativity to run across the blanket when you rub your legs or move them up and down more frequently. Also, as the product is highly durable, the quality is everlasting for a long period.

What if you accidentally spill some water on it? The fun fact is, you won’t feel cold! This clarifies how warm and cozy this makes you feel. Adding on, this product is not of high maintenance, it is stain resistant, breathable and the quality keeps it wrinkle-free.

If talking about the downside the very first thing on the list is the price.  Another is that it is not washable by machine, you need to dry clean it. And also, this blanket does not smell good, it may irritate you.

The different colors available with the combination of 100% wool and rich quality, the Hudson Bay 8 Point grabs the attention of customers who values those rich qualities and understands that the price of the product is worth its price.

Overall it never fails to provide warm and comfortable winter nights. It is practically fire-resistant, water-resistant, breathable, and pure wool blanket.

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2.Pendleton Yellowstone

Pendleton Yellowstone

Made in the USA. Since the early 1900s, Pendleton has honored these treasures with a collection of distinctive Park Blankets. Pendleton is one of the main names of the history of America when it comes to such products. The corporation is owned and managed by the family for six decades.

With devotion and passion, this corporation, which is managed by the family of six decades, is providing its best in the field of wool blankets. It provides you with different colors so you can go for your taste. The fabric is soft to make your winter nights cozy. The fibers are tightly woven which makes this wool blanket denser than other options.

If we talk about the downside, there is actually none about the quality! People are appreciating about how satisfied this blanket made him so far. But then the only drawback you can go with is its cost. It is extremely expensive.

Overall, the Pendleton Yellowstone is worth the burden on your pocket because of the quality of the product and the hard work of the corporation is ready to provide you the comfortable winter nights.

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3.Biddy Murphy

Biddy Murphy

Biddy Murphy is made of 100% Irish wool. It is hypoallergenic and soft, free of any chemicals or synthetic, and is extremely gentle on your skin. This wool blanket has a solid design and is super soft which results in it being super comfortable.

It comes in perfect size measuring 90″ Long x 108″ wide, these king-size wool blankets are sure to keep you warm for a great night’s sleep, or relaxing on the couch. Also, this blanket will look great in a dorm room, a family room, or bedroom. The intricate designs of the wool blanket and finished edges make this a popular blanket with our customers. 

If talking about the downside, this wool blanket could get a little scratchy. Some complaints arrived about the material being loose (as a case of exception) because this wool blanket is made of top quality. And rarely there is some issue about its size.

Overall, this wool blanket is highly trusted because of the Irish wool and perfect size range and perfect color combinations and perfect fit for bedroom, family room, or dorm room. This product rarely disappoints its customers.

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4.Poyet Motte Wool Blanket

Poyet Motte Wool Blanket

The combination of great luxury and the unique weaving process, this wool blanket is ready to provide you with the cozy and warm winter nights. It is made of 100% top grade virgin wool.

This is a perfect fit for a king-sized bed. This wool blanket is both sturdy and durable but heavyweight.

If we talk about the downside, the fabric is itchy. And also according to some occasions, it has failed to give considerable protection. Also, these wool blankets may shrink after hand-washed. And for a few people, it was not thick enough. Also, some pilling instances have been brought into the light.

But again talking about the features, the edges have double-stitched satin binding. And coupled with the anti-pilling finish, that helps to keep the fabric held together. The weaving process is unique enough to make it to like you. The weaving process also aided in making the fabric pliable and tightly woven. This wool blanket holds the Woolmark licensed guarantee which shows that the wool used is just the best.

Overall this wool blanket won’t disappoint you either you use it at home or go to the camping ground. Poyet Motte would present itself as a reliable piece of fabric that will help you ‘weather the storm’ and protect you from cold.

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5.Desert Breeze Wool Blanket

Desert Breeze Wool Blanket

100% VIRGIN WOOL! Our Andean Collection is a thick, tightly woven blanket made from luxuriously soft 50% Alpaca and 50% Merino Wool, from animals raised in the extreme elevations and climate conditions of the Andes Mountains. The Desert Breeze aims at providing the highest quality natural product at the best price. The company is amongst some of the world’s most respected and prestigious labels. They have history and the experience of 30 years with manufacturing products.

On the downside, there is nothing much to mention regarding this ensemble by the Desert Breeze Distributing. The only flaw that it possesses is the poor odor that it generates. It feels irritating and annoying. Many of the complaints regarding this product have received the same feedback. The public does not seem impressed due to the natural wool smell.

While on the upside of this product, there are many commendable qualities that it possesses as well. The use of 100% virgin merino wool says it all. With the use of 50% Alpaca and 50% Sheep Wool, this blanket delivers a reliable and high-quality feel. However, the main drawback that it holds is also due to this point. Being thick, it will save you from shivering in the cold nights of the winter season.

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6.Bronte by Moon Wool Blanket

Bronte by Moon Wool Blanket

With the proud heritage of British design, Bronte by the moon is serving you since 1837. The wool is produced in Guiseley, from the longest known mills in Britain since 1837. It’s objective is to provide you with the best warmth and comfort.

If we talk about the downside, there is nothing much to say. People have already praised it because of its flawlessness except for one. That is, this wool blanket does not support machine wash. It can only handle the dry cleaning. However, you can interpret its high quality through this. But of course, some may feel restricted because of such a drawback of this wool blanket.

The positive side of this blanket would always be heavier. The 100% merino lamb wool is the main attraction of this wool blanket. This blanket is unbelievably soft and comfortable. The premium quality of this product makes it one of a kind.

If we talk about where this wool blanket should be placed, there isn’t much you need to worry about. You would love to place it on your bed or even couch. All the eyes would catch the attention of this beautiful and sophisticated wool blanket. It is the way to rescue yourself from cold nights and would convert those nights into comfortable ones.

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7. Woolly Mammoth Wool Blanket

Woolly Mammoth Wool Blanket

The wool blanket that is of high quality at an affordable price sounds great. The Woolly Mammoth blanket provides you with that. It is woven with 80% premium virgin Merino wool. This means that no wool is recycled.

If we talk about the downside of this wool blanket, the smell might irritate you. Although of course and hard to get rid of. However, the majority were not of this opinion. It was also said to feel lighter in weight than expected which was disappointing for some. Finally, the fact that it is dry-cleaned only limits its cleaning options.

The Woolly Mammoth provides you with the perfect size this makes it comfortable to share with others. It is really soft and decorative item that adds up to your interior. It comes in various colors ranging from one to every color and fits with the surroundings.

Overall it is a perfect cozy addition to any room and to gift for anyone. It is a good idea for the gift for holidays, housewarmings, baby showers, Mother’s and Father’s days, birthdays, anniversaries and whatnot. You can go with this wool blanket as it is a perfect fit for everyone.

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8.Urbanara Wool Blanket

Urbanara Wool Blanket

This wool blanket made of 100% Scandinavian, undyed, new wool, and is certified with a Woolmark seal. The Urbanara is a great idea if you are looking for both decorative and cold purpose. This wool blanket is made of high-quality sheep’s wool.

If we talk about the downside, this wool blanket fails to serve you warmth in colder seasons. This blanket is basically designed to enjoy the chilling evening.

Undeniably, it is comfortable as it covers the length of twin size bed. It can also be used on a picnic mat in the summer months. Also, it adds up to your home decor. The material is really soft and not scratchy and irritable on the skin. Although it is recommended to be dry-cleaned you can go with the machine wash as well. And of course, wool detergent is preferred.

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9.EKTOS Wool Blanket

EKTOS Wool Blanket

The 100% wool and loom-woven finished edges on all side is the combination of this wool blanket. It is very thick and heavy and provides the required warmth in colder days. This wool blanket is hand and machine washable, and it is guaranteed to pass the fire resistance test. You can assume how reliable this wool blanket is.

If we talk about the downside of this wool blanket, at the time while unboxing, it may produce a strong irritable odor. Although machine wash and air dry would likely be there to resolve your problem. You need to be careful while providing it with the machine wash. As in some cases, the blanket became unravel although no issues were noticed while the machine was done under care with low settings and cool temperature.

This wool blanket is made of real wool, it is affordable as compared to other wool blankets. Additionally, it is soft and not scratchy like other blankets. The weight and thickness are what makes it be ultra-durable. It won’t let you down on camping trips and colder days.

This EKTOS wool blanket can be considered to be all in one. You can carry this wool blanket on trips and camps with you and also use it at your homes. It is easy to wash and highly durable.

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10.Ever Ready First Aid Wool Blanket

Ever Ready First Aid Wool Blanket

The Ever Ready First Aid is withstanding as a market leader in supplying quality woolen blankets with an effective and robust construction from the last ten years. These, high-quality wool blankets are made for you to rescue really colder conditions.

If we talk about the downside of this wool blanket, there are some important points to consider. This wool blanket is non-durable in nature which makes you fall in the confusion of whether or not to buy this product. Adding on, the terrible chemical smell is also something that makes you uncomfortable. And this blanket is really sensitive to even deal with a gentle wash in the machine. It requires to be highly taken care of.

On the other side, you can effectively stay warm in colder conditions. 80% of woolen fabric makes this product warm enough for colder days. You can also carry this blanket while going on a camping trip.

This wool blanket is fire retardant, which means you practically need not worry when you are with your loved ones near the bonfire. You can pay all your attention to them and not to your worries about the fire. Also, you won’t feel much of bulkiness on you because of this blanket.

Wool Blankets Buyer’s Guide

Wrapping it up, let us acknowledge the things that you need to keep in mind while buying wool blankets.


It is always worthy to go for the brand. The chances of disappointment facing are relatively less. But even the more important thing is to consider what brand is fulfilling your wants. The brands that are already trusted with providing everything you need, should be considered first.


Nowadays people are more conscious about the interior looks of their houses. If you are from one of them you need to decide wisely. The products that are providing you with various design options which may go with your interior, you can go for it. You can also decide according to the color, size, and pattern of the wool blanket.


You are buying a wool blanket that can primarily provide you with the warmth but what about the other secondary things that you need to take care of. Say it to be a camping, picnic, trips, or gift purpose. So you need to be quite picky while choosing the wool blanket according to its function.


Size actually matters while purchasing a wool blanket. Every product or brand has its own sense of size. Some produce the wool blanket that is single bed sized, some are king-sized, some are regular size. You need to decide what purpose you are looking for the wool blanket.

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