Wool has been protecting humans from the cold for ages. A good wool jacket is vital for winters. Since wool is expensive it is better to invest in a decent jacket. In this article, we have reviewed some of the best wool jackets.

After reading this article you will be able to choose a good jacket from amongst the best wool jackets. The review is based on quality, fabric, durability, warmth, etc.


Best wool jackets reviewed

Our top picks for the best wool jackets are given below

1.Filson Mackinaw

A classic woollen jacket, Filson Mackinaw is made of 100% virgin wool fibre. It is warm, comfortable and durable. Filson will protect you from chilly winter winds while you are outside whether working or camping.

Filson’s design is very practical. This can be seen by the placement and number of pockets. It sports 9 pockets with 4 flap pockets on the front to hold the tools. 

Moreover, the 2 side pockets will give you warmth on a cold evening. There is a dual-entry rear map pocket. An interior utility pocket is given to keep your essentials. Additionally, there is a slotted patch pocket.

What should be kept in mind before buying Filson is that it needs to be dry cleaned. This will keep the durability intact. Although this will have a cost for a jacket that is warm, comfortable, pliable and flexible it’s worth it.



2.Dale of Norway

If you cannot compromise with your styling whatever the season it maybe then this one is perfect for you. Dale of Norway is a Nordic style jacket made of high-quality Merino wool. It will give you comfort and warmth.

Unlike other products made of merino wool, Dale of Norway won’t cause itching. This is attributed to the combing process that removes short, itchy fibres. The fabric is that it eliminates moisture. The more air retention makes it more insulating and hence warmer. The lanolin in the is antibacterial which keeps nasty odours at bay.

Dale sports a stand-up collar that is not only stylish but also protects your neck from cold winds. The roll-up cuffs serve as an insulator for your wrists. The straight hemline with the solid colour border is extremely smart.

This extra warm jacket is best for fashion enthusiasts but it runs in small sizes. You get a wide variety of 5 colour options in Dale of Norway. Additionally, it is machine washable which is a win-win.



3.First Lite

Made out of Merino wool again, First lite will serve the purpose of a jacket, a sweater and a sweatshirt. First Lite is a perfect option for you if you spend a lot of time outdoors in the winters.

The material, as we all know, is the best when it comes to using it to make a winter article. The fabric is highly insulating, water-resistant, moisture-wicking, and odour- resistant. 

To ensure that you don’t feel cold extra insulation is provided on the chest and upper arm area. The hood is designed to keep cold winds out. You can very easily slip the sleeves under gloves or mitts to ensure wind resistant.

Additionally, three zippered pockets are provided to keep your gears in place. The nylon panels on the chest and shoulders make First Lite durable and water-resistant. First Lite can be machine washed although it cannot be machine dried.



4.Icewear Helga

Next in the list of best wool jackets is Icewear Helga is a Nordic design hoodie. This knitted hoodie is warm and durable and is a great add on to your wardrobe.

Helga is made of 3 ply worsted wool yarn with crystal snow pattern. It features a full zipper closing and two side pockets. The zipped cuff allows you to wear gloves on an extra cold day. 

This jacket is both windproof and waterproof. It features a hood to protect your ears and head. Helga is lined with k-100 fabric wool and fleece for added warmth and comfort.

For all the great features comes a price to pay. This smart, warm, comfortable and durable jacket is a bit expensive. Although expensive you won’t regret spending on it.




Pendleton offers best quality products when it comes to any sort of winter wear. As we all know Pendleton takes great care when it comes to fabric. This jacket is made from high-quality sheep wool.

Pendleton is a shirt style jacket that is casual yet warm. The quilting aspect of the jacket enhances warmth. The tight cuff doesn’t allow cold air to get inside. The sizes available give the jacket enough space to layer it on chilly winter days.

Moreover, the jacket is machine washable. This can be attributed to its resin finish. Special care should be taken when storing it for summers. Use mothballs in a woven bag to keep insects away.

Additionally, it comes with a wide variety of colours, all solids. So if you love checks you’ll be a bit disappointed. What should be kept in mind before buying this is that the buttons are difficult to put. So if you have mobility issues then this can cause trouble.



6.Woolrich Alaskan

This classic yet stylish, Woolrich Alaskan is a shirt style jacket. Easy to handle and warm, Woolrich won’t disappoint you even after years of use.

Woolrich is made using a blend of 80% wool and 20% nylon. While the wool provides warmth and comfort, the nylon makes it suitable for machine wash. It can be simply air-dried.

Woolrich is available in a wide range of colours making this jacket a perfect add on. Moreover, it features spread collar and two snap-flap chest pockets making it extremely convenient. Although, it was found that snaps do not stay put.

Unlike others in the list, Woolrich is comparatively cheap. It’s water and wind-resistant and moisture-wicking qualities will impress you. Bear in mind that it fits loose and has long sleeves with tight cuff. When worn directly on the skin it was found itchy.




WoolX is a comfortable and smart jacket designed in an athletic hoodie style. If you want warmth but do not like standard jackets then you can go for this one.

Made out of 100% Australian Merino wool, WoolX is warmth, water-resistant and wind-resistant. It will keep you warm while eliminating moisture. The fabric is naturally antimicrobial so you won’t have to deal with the odour.

WoolX features cuffs with thumbholes for colder days. The cuffs are tight on the wrist to keep cold winds at bay. A secure electronics pocket makes earphone accessibility easy. For security, zippered pockets are also provided.

All the good qualities come at a price. WoolX is expensive for a hoodie but you won’t regret it. You can machine wash and dry it so it will save you extra bucks. Bear in mind that it is not windproof, so you will have to layer it on a windy day.



8.Stormy Kromer

Believe us when we say it will be really hard to find any shortcomings in this jacket. Stormy Kromer is a warm, comfortable and durable jacket for fashion enthusiasts. It offers fashion without compromising on functions.

Made out of 80% wool and 20% nylon, Stormy Kramer is lined with Polyester Peachskin. This makes it lightweight and soft. Kramer features two side handwarmer pockets and one chest pocket on the interior.

This man’s cover-up is a high-quality durable jacket. A perfect one for camping or hiking while saving from chilly winter winds.

Stormy Kramer is available in three styles. It is recommended to dry clean it. Bear in mind that it is expensive than others but its durability and quality is worth it.



9.Theory Bomber

The bomber is a classic jacket from Theory. If you cannot compromise with fashion then you may not like it. Although it tops in terms of warmth, comfort and durability.

This jacket is a Melton style jacket woven in a twill form. It is made of 75% virgin wool, 20% polyamide and 5% cashmere. The bomber is lined with polyester fill to give added warmth.

Moreover, Bomber comes with a shearling made of either polyester or acrylic. This shearling is removable and is attached at the spread collar. It features a two-way zipper closure.

The rib-knit cuff and waistband will keep cold winds away when you work outdoors. The bomber features outer slit pockets with snap-button closures. There is one interior pocket as well.



10.Pendleton Westerley

If you love 70s fashion and are a sucker for classic stuff then this jacket is for you. We cannot really stress enough on the quality of Pendleton’ products. Westerly is an heirloom product that is extremely durable.

Made out of 100% lambswool making Westerly soft and yet extremely warm. The fabric makes Westerly water repellent and odour- resistant. The tight-knit design attributes to its wind-resistant quality.

Moreover, it features a zipper closure, ribbed shawl collar and the ring pull. Westerly eliminates moisture keeping the warmth intact. The durability will literally impress you.

Westerly is a moderately priced classic jacket available just one colour combination. It features a geometric pattern in black and white on a grey background. To keep the quality intact it is recommended to dry clean it.




A good wool jacket not only enhances your style but also provides warmth. We have picked the best wool jackets available for this article. The review covers the winter needs for all individuals. The wool jackets mentioned will keep you warm even on the coldest of evenings.


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