Best Clint Eastwood Poncho In 2020 | Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Are you a fan of The Man with No Name? This means you definitely must be a fan of the legendary Clint Eastwood poncho.

A protagonist in a Spaghetti Western film, portrayed by Clint Eastwood in the Dollars Trilogy is a very famous character. This character is an icon in pop culture and so is the famous poncho. The iconic poncho of the Man with No Name is quintessential. If you wish to get his look, the poncho is the first thing you need to get. In the movies, it is a brown poncho with white pattern and details, and loose white fringe decorating the bottom. To wear it, he easily wraps it around his body as he pleases.

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It is no doubt that the Eastwood poncho derives its name from the actor himself. Thankfully to the rising demand by fans and the growth of the movie’s popularity, the market is full of replicas of the Clint Eastwood poncho. We have assembled the seven best such ponchos which will take you back to the fields of the west. Read the review and decide for yourself how you want to exhibit your cowboy style.

List of 7 best Clint Eastwood Poncho: Reviews

Below is the list of the 10 best Clint Eastwood ponchos. Go through the reviews to figure the pros and cons of each product and but the poncho which suits your style the best.

1. Hollywood Prop

Appearances can be deceptive. The old films tanned the color of the Eastwood poncho to a lighter shade of brown while in DVD films the olive green color is certainly visible. Hollywood Prop did its study and presented a replica that is true to the original in every respect.

Hollywood Prop

Patterned after Eastwood’s screen used poncho, Hollywood Prop doesn’t falter in any aspect. It uses the same material as original that is 100% wool. The dimensions also suit the poncho exhibited in the movie. Overall, this poncho is as good as the poncho Eastwood wore in The Dollars trilogy.

Furthermore, Prop also protects you during the cold weather. It is as good as a regular poncho in terms of warmth and coziness. The Eastwood poncho has only one drawback which is its hefty price. But there are many other replicas in market that fall below in the category of authenticity but cost almost the same. So, it is better to spend a bit more but get the quality item. With this poncho, you can rock any costume event with pride.

  • 100% AUTHENTIC
  • 100% WOOL
  • WARM
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2. Straight Line

Wanna have the feel of trotting in the fields with your trustworthy horse? Here is another Eastwood poncho that radiates cowboy vibes from anyone who dons it.

Straight Line

Had we not discovered the DVDs of The Man with No Name, this would have been the best replica of the Clint Eastwood Poncho. But it was found that the original poncho was olive green while Straight Line poncho is brown in color. But it still mirrors the movie one perfectly.

Made of 100% Fine Wool, the Straight Line Clint Westwood is very comfortable. The design of this poncho is an exact replica of the Eastwood poncho. This woolen cape can be worn in any way just like the one in the movie. You can drape it around your neck like the actor or wear it over your jacket. With a dimension of 57″ Wide x 28″ Tall, the poncho is what you need for the costume party of Clint Eastwood look.

  • 100% Fine Wool
  • Same Design as The Screen Used Poncho
  • Same Dimensions as the Original Poncho
  • Multipurpose
  • Expensive
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3. Smiffy’s

The Deluxe Authentic Western Wandering Gunman Costume is an exact replica of the poncho displayed on the screen in the movies.

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Smiffy’s ensures that all of its products are manufactured and tested to comply with the latest EU and American Safety standards and regulations. The material used is a blend of polyester and wool and if you look closely you will find minute differences from the original poncho.

Smiffys is a leading fancy dress supplier and family business with a 125-year heritage in costumes. Therefore you can be totally sure of the quality of the brand’s products. Even if the poncho is slightly different in its pattern, it looks the same as the one displayed on the screen. Smiffy also gives the users an offer to order the vest and don the perfect costume for the cosplay.

  • Stylish appearance
  • Perfect for cosplays
  • Minute differences in pattern
  • Not a perfect replica
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4. The Costumebase

The Costumebase doesn’t use the same material as the original poncho. However, that doesn’t affect the patterns which are as authentic as the one worn in the movie.

The Costumebase

The white linings on the poncho are embroidery stitching. If you are a movie enthusiast, you know that the poncho shown on screen was also hand-woven. The material used in the manufacture of this poncho is a blend of wool and polyester. This provides Costumebase flexibility which many replicas lack. With a dimension of 57″ Wide x 30″ Tall, this poncho passes as a replica of the iconic poncho.

At a price of $99.90, this poncho may seem a bit pricey to the buyers, but it is as good a replica of the Eastwood poncho as Straight Line. The white frills added at the bottom adds to the appearance of the western lookalike.

  • Free Shipping
  • Flexible
  • Pattern mirrors the original
  • Bit pricey
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5.  El Paso Designs

El Paso Designs’ Clint Eastwood Poncho is a thick hand-woven poncho that very closely duplicates the iconic cowboy-style made famous by Clint Eastwood.

El Paso Designs

This western men’s poncho is not made from wool which defies its authenticity. It is still thick enough to use as a substitute for a warm sweater poncho. Made in Mexico, the poncho measures approximately 76″ X 38″ completed with thick patterned tassels on both ends. El Paso offers a wide range of colors. Buyers can choose from black, brown or olive green like the original Eastwood poncho.

The Spaghetti Western can be used as an Eastwood costume for Halloween or theme parties, or as a functional poncho to keep you warm and clean from dirt and debris. The material used is 100% acrylic and cozy.

  • Handwoven like the original
  • Not Pricey
  • No size issues
  • Not 100% authentic
  • Still when purchased
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6. Sharp Shooter

Here is another for the fans of Clint Eastwood poncho. Made in Old Mexico, the cape is perfect for outings during the winter breeze or for a costume event of The Dollars trilogy.

Sharp Shooter ponchoManufactured of 100% Wool, this poncho will keep you warm enough to enjoy your outings. The leather reinforced collar adds to the style of the cape. The handwoven pattern replicates the original Clint Eastwood Poncho. With a dimension of 80″ X 39″ Unfolded, the wool poncho can be donned on for any casual occasion. Sharpshooter is available in many colors, unlike the original one.

Many users like the variable color feature of the poncho. If you are a group of friends, you can all go wearing the same poncho in different colors. The best thing about this product is the hat that comes alongwith. It completes the Clint Eastwood look and by adding boots you are ready for any cosplay event.

  • Handwoven like the original poncho
  • Warm and breathable
  • Collar and Hat
  • 100% wool
  • Feature of hand-wash
  • A bit pricey
  • Slight odor
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7. Costume Agent

Where do your costumes go after the costume event is over? Do they lie amid moths and are forgotten? This Eastwood replica can be used as a costume and after you are done with your cosplay, you can don it as a regular poncho

COSTUME AGENT clint eastwood poncho

Costume Agent is 100% acrylic. There goes our hopes of an authentic replica. But don’t let that one drawback fool you. This poncho has may other favorable attributes which make it a favorite costume for the cosplays. This poncho is also a favorite among the ladies. Reason: Blondie, the music band and singer vocalist wore a similar one also in a video.

Even though the material used is not wool, it doesn’t cause any itchiness or discomfort. The fabric woven is soft and cozy. Purchasers can also add a layer of jackets or sweaters under the Eastwood poncho for extra protection from cold. Children can use the poncho as a blanket as the size will not fit them. The pricing is also not as high as the other replicas of the iconic Eastwood’s.

  • 100% Acrylic
  • One Size Fits Most
  • Soft woven
  • Reasonable Price
  • Not durable
  • Size can’t be customized
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Know the Best Clint Eastwood Ponchos to Buy

Before making a purchase of an Eastwood poncho replica, you should be clearly definite of the kind you want. You must be aware of the original poncho and its features. Apart from the 7 best-mentioned ponchos above, you will also come across a plethora of choices. But we can not assure if they will match the original piece or not.

Here is how you can choose which Eastwood poncho suits you the best and even beats the original one in appearance.

  • Color

Do you dot on appearances or authenticity? Because the color of the original Eastwood poncho was olive green while the movies tend to tan it to a shade of light brown. Some companies stick to the look as presented in the movies while few took over the authenticity aspect. Apart from the traditional olive-green and brown, you will find many other colors too primarily black. But we think it is no good buying an Eastwood replica if doesn’t match the color of the original.

  • Pattern

Not all replicas have the same pattern. And a faulty pattern can defy the purpose of your Eastwood poncho. The original poncho didn’t have any minute details or intricacies. So it is not practically tough to match the patterns of the original and the replica especially if you are a movie nerd. Hollywood Prop matches the Eastwood poncho the best but if you don’t want to spend that much on your costume you can go for the cheaper ones which may differ from the pattern a bit but suit your wallet.

  • Material

No one wants to don a poncho which causes itchiness or discomfort. The original poncho was 100% wool thus there is no question of discomfort if the replica too, uses the same materials. However, there are few companies in the market who use a blend of Polyester and Wool. The material of the product also decides its quality and price. Pick one which doesn’t fall too heavy on your savings.

  • Size

Remember, a foul size can entirely ruin your appearance. The original Clint Eastwood poncho was 32” Wide x 58” Tall. However, there are companies that offer customization in size. This is one attribute that you don’t have to match with the poncho worn in the movie. It is advisable to go for the size which fits you the best.  So you need to be extra careful while checking this attribute.

  • Price

The price of the Eastwood poncho will differ based on the materials used. Before making an investment, you need to make sure of the purpose of buying the cape. Is it for a one-time costume event? If it is so then you may not want to spend a hefty price. Or is it for regular outings? In any case, don’t blindly imitate your stars while ignoring your bank balance.

Wrapping Up List Of Clint Eastwood Ponchos

You have read the reviews of the 7 best Clint Eastwood ponchos and the buyer’s guide. You know the attributes to look for and the best products available there. The Western ponchos are never out of fashion. With the added charm of the iconic cowboy hat and boots, you can be the best dresser at the costume event. But even the Eastwood poncho alone is enough to leave an impression.

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